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Generation Pool Just for Kids
Generation Pool Just for Kids
Generation Pool Just for Kids
Pool & Billiards for Kids

Pool and Billiards for kids!

Playing the game of pool can last a lifetime. Pool requires physical, metal and emotional control. Mastering these three skills in pool will not only help you play better pool, but it will help you in all life's experiences. Locate an instructor in your area that can help you learn the basic skills of the game, contact your local pool hall for infomration on junior events or go to for more information on tournaments. Most of all, get out and play and enjoy the wonderful game of pool.

Trick Shots

Watch kids display amazing trick shot talent. Click here to see additional trick shots. Become a member and post your own trick shots!

Generation Pool Just for Kids

Ask a Pro

Hey, kids, do you want to ask your favorite player a question about how they got started, tips that can help you with your game or a question you've always wanted answered. Click here to submit a question to your favorite player.

Scholarships and More

The Billiard Education Foundation is engaged in activities related to the educational and cultural advancement of our young leaders. The BEF also offers educational scholarships, based on merit, financial need and other criteria, these scholarships are awarded annually from the BEF. If you would like to get more information about the Billiard Education Foundation you can visit or send an email to

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